Friday, March 29, 2013

The Event

When I wrote about my ‘Goliath’ (cowering in front of the dollar amount I need to go on the mission field instead of keeping my eyes on God) I sent it to my oldest daughter to read before posting it.  Almost immediately she sent me a message saying, “I got you another $10 a month! so far....”  I read her message thinking ‘she sure reads fast, but misunderstood what I was trying to say’.  It was then I got on Facebook and read about the ‘event’ and she read my post.  A few minutes later she wrote, 'I just felt like I had to do it tonight.'

I know the timing of my post and this event was not just a coincidence … it was in God's hands.

While I was writing the post, she was on Facebook creating a month long event called Operation Send Dot to Italy.  She was doing it as a surprise for me. 

After she shared with her friends about my mission to Italy and me preparing to go.  She went on to challenge them …

“I'm creating this "event" to ask everyone I know to pledge to help her out $5 a month. If everyone of my facebook friends would support my mom only $5 a month, then she could be in Verona before the 4th anniversary of that fateful visit.

Think about it. Pray about it.

$5 is nothing.

It's a footlong sub at Subway. It's a tall coffee at Starbucks. It's a pack of cigarettes. It's a cheap DVD at Target.

It's just 5 bucks.

What do you think? Operation Send Dot to in?”

I've been humbled at the number of my daughter’s friends who committed to support my efforts.  Then some of my friends who had heard about this ‘Event’ said, ‘I, too, can help a little, I didn’t think what I could give would help very much!’  Little by little, bit by bit, God is blessing this effort.  The more people involved the better.

A very important milestone has been passed, too.  The number of people committed to pray for me and this mission is over 200!  Wow!  

I’m not on the plane yet, but I’m now closer because of my daughter and her friends.

Grazie!  (thanks!) to all my partners.

My eyes remain on God.  All He did for us, to come and die as a sacrifice on the cross.  Wow!  Then to be in the grave, dead.  On that Resurrection Sunday morning Jesus conquered death to give us a way to have eternal life.  Grazie mille a Dio! (Thanks a million to God!)