Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Mission

When Dot’s daughter was six she wanted to be a missionary to Italy.  
Dot incorrectly told her, “Italy doesn’t need missionaries.”
The World Factbook reports Italy is 80% Christian. 
However, just 5% are considered devout:    
4.3% Roman Catholic
0.7% evangelical Christian.
In 2011 the Pope placed Italy on the Catholic unreached list.
Most Italians don’t believe they have a need for God. Dot’s going to share God’s love and grace with those hurting from divorce. 
The Jonathan Project reports that there are only two Deaf ministries in Italy.  The team plans to learn Italian Sign Language (LIS) and to start a Deaf ministry.
In fair Verona Shakespeare set the scene for Romeo and Juliet.
In this same city God has called me to serve on this team.
Some facts about Verona:
Prostitution is legal
Abortion is free
In this region the number of devout Catholics drop to 3% and evangelical Christians drop to just 0.045% of the region’s population.  This would be comparable to just 120 evangelical Christians living in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Support this Mission to Italy

This blog is about me and my mission to Italy.  It's been taking some time to raise the funds and I am almost ready to go.  

Ways to financially support this mission.
1 – Write a check and mail.
Make it out to:  Team Expansion  
(Don't put my name on the check or the IRS says it can't be tax deductible)
Mail it to my forwarding agent at:
Team Expansion
255 Zook Lane
Burlington, IN  46915

2 - Online giving from your bank
If your bank account has an online bill pay, you can set up a check to be sent to my forwarding agent’s address. Have the check written to 'Team Expansion' and send to:
Team Expansion

255 Zook LaneBurlington, IN 46915

3 – Online giving from the Team Expansion website

Click the online link on the right side of page.
Select donation amount - select Other and type in the amount you are donating.
If you are committing to monthly support say YES to a recurring donation.
If it is a one time donation say NO.
There are 2 ways to do it here 
A) Select Credit Card and fill out your credit/debit card information.
B) Select Check and fill out your checking account information.
Then fill out your personal information. This is so we know who to thank and who to send yearly statements concerning your giving for tax purposes.
For my account to be credited with your online giving, please put 'Dot Elliott – Italy' in the Missionary/Project Name.
Click the Review and Submit button at the bottom and then confirm on the next page.
Thank you for your support!!

Dot Elliott
Missionary to Verona, Italy