Wednesday, December 12, 2012


As a freshman in college I was to give a testimony during an outreach program.  I didn’t think I had much of a testimony…I was raised by great Christian parents, went to church all my life, and was saved from my sins through baptism at age 10.  My testimony was 'boring'.   Everyone else seemed to have really ‘cool’ testimonies.  So, I asked God let me have a 'cool' testimony for Him, too.  I realize now that God had already given me a great testimony, but He allowed me to go through trials to have one of those ‘cool’ ones, too.  (My post on “Living Water in the Desert” shares part of my testimony.)

The word ‘testimony’ what does it really mean?  We use it as an evidence, a proof, a divine decree. At Mount Sinai God gave the ‘tablets of the Testimony’ to Moses (Ex 31:18).  Testimony here comes from the Hebrew word עֵדוּת which means ‘witness’.  These tablets of stone were a witness of God interaction with people on earth.  He created a testimony with people in the Bible.  Examples of few of these testimonies:  He parted the Red Sea God through Moses, parted the Jordan River through Joshua, Elijah was fed by ravens and then a widow who had just enough oil and flour every day to fix the food, a virgin gave birth to the Son of God, the temple tax money was found in the mouth of a fish, and Lazarus was raised from the dead through Jesus, and Jesus conquered death!

A God-ordained testimony is when something happens which cannot be explained by natural means.  

Several years ago there was a bill for a certain amount and there was no money to pay it by the due date.  We prayed for God’s help since we knew only He could provide a miracle for us.  On the day before it had to be sent, in the mail there was a check from a friend who wrote, “I don’t know why you need this, but God put on my heart to send this amount to you.”  The amount was not the right amount needed…it was the exact amount needed plus the cost of a postage stamp, to the penny!  We hadn't even seen or talked with this friend in a couple of years!

Nine years ago we were preparing to host a foreign exchange student in six weeks.  As the rains came down as I went to sleep after the July 4th fireworks I didn't think much about it until my daughter called up from her room an hour and a half later saying that things were floating!    I turned on the light to see knee deep water in the lower level of my house!  It continued to rain all night.  We prayed for God's mercy and help all night long.  When the sun came out the next morning there was three feet of dirty water in the very room the student was to stay!  We were evacuated by boat!  It is amazing the power of a flood, even a waterbed was moved to the center of the bedroom.  As the waters receded the filth was awful.  The task facing my family was overwhelming.  A couple days later my boss asked how he could help.  I could only say "I need hands" to clear out two rooms and a garage before any repair work could be started.  Two hours later ten people from my work showed up to provide twenty extra hands!  In just four hours the contents of the lower level was by the road for the trash man and the floors were clean!  Then a close friend from church asked if he could oversee the renovation of the house.  There were volunteers who came to help remove walls, clean the studs, dry it all out, drywall, mud, and paint!  We were living back in the house with a week to spare before our exchange student arrived!

Remembering these experiences still gives me goose bumps!  I know Who is in control.  He works through people for His glory!

Through Team Expansion I’m preparing to go to Italy to be a witness for God to the unreached of Verona.  Just like that bill of years ago, I don’t have the money that is required for me to go.  I'm not allowed to work, other than the mission, while in Italy.  Again I’m praying for God’s intervention through the hearts of people.  Jesus said, “…with God all things are possible.” (Matt 19:26)  This will be a testimony of God's provision.

During my trainings I have met many other missionary families preparing to go on the field.  Several are already on the field.  One family of eight leaves today for the mission field.  Some, like me, are still in partner raising or fundraising. I truly believe God does and will provide! 

What’s your testimony?  Are you willing to allow God to show His power through your life for His glory?

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