Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fun D Raising

Fundraising ... it starts with FUN and ends with RAISING, so it sounds pretty exciting!  But that D ... oh is that for Dot or what?  Do I not see the fun in the raising of people to team with this mission for the glory of God?  That should be very exciting!

The fact is this past week has been fun, fun, fun.  Exhausting, but fun!  The kids and the helpers were about 500 strong every night.  That was wonderfully crazy!  I was given the opportunity to talk two different times to different age groups.  I taught them some Italian words - about 5 a night.  In the end they had a repertoire of 35 words and phrases!  I gave them a strip of paper with the English, the Italian, and a picture every night so those interested could work on it at home.  It really helped my pronunciation!  The theme of the week was Trust God!  Fiducia di Dio! (in Italian!)

Then we talked how Italy is different from the USA.  Every night we focused on things, but always got back to the real reason I'm going ... to share Jesus with them!

That was FUN!

Then came the RAISING!  I thought they were a little ambitious with a goal they set.  I thought it would be great, but they are kids, right?   We talked about how apartments come pretty blank ... if you're lucky they have left the toilet!!  I've been blessed with kitchen cabinets, a sink, and a stove that is in storage for me already.  The money that was raised is going toward my start up funds, specifically to help furnish my apartment when I get there. So this VBS raised $4036 to help me have a things in every room!

Now I am at 54% of my start up funds.  This is growing, and I'm excited!

Now, how should I proceed with the fun and raising of the mission monthly support?  I need just under $6000 a month committed before I can go.  I have just over 10% of that committed. So, I'm needing 540 people to commit to $10 a month.  Yes, I know I could say I need just 54 people to commit to $100 a month.  But, I like the more people on board with this mission.  More people committed to write a check means more people thinking and hopefully praying this mission is successful!  Maybe you would be one of those who could commit to more, but maybe $10 is stretching the limit of your pocketbook.  It would only take 1080 people at $5 a month!  WOW ... think of all those people being team mates!

Fundraising!  Fun D(ot) Raising ... not for me, but for His kingdom!

THANK YOU, Chapel Hill Christian Church's VBS

By the way, the GIRLS won!  I helped the children's minister look like a spaghetti dinner!

Fiducia di Dio!

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