Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Traveling Adventures

I'm taking off soon for a very long trip in a car alone.  I'm headed to some training that puts me 2 steps closer to actually moving to the mission field.  I'm excited.  So excited that last week I made my packing list and started getting things gathered together.  I went to the store and bought healthy things to eat along the way.  I've paid all my bills through the end of this month.  I got several books on CD checked out on the vacation plan.  I think I'm ready to put the stuff in the car and take off.  But, I have to wait a bit longer. 

For most people, what I just described might sound very normal for a person going on a long trip.  But, what I normally do is to have things in my mind and wait until the last day or two to gather things together.  Then it is a very short night before I leave.  I'm exhausted to start. 

This time, I am feeling refreshed and ready to go.  I've mapped out my journey, talked to people on the other end, and have a plane ticket for my nephew's wedding (already bought present and it's in the city of the wedding!)  I want to go learn!  SPLICE and PILAT are two training sessions that will help me once I get to Italy.

In other news, I've created a packet of information about my mission.  It has a brochure, a statement of my beliefs, a DVD that is a 3 minute message about who I am and why I feel called to go to Italy, a prayer card for people's refrigerators, etc.  Tomorrow I am going to the area churches and ask to briefly talk to the ministers about this mission.  I'm praying for God to speak through me as I share with them.  I'm going to try this 'cold call' plan because I keep hearing I should get out of my comfort zone. This is not in that zone at all.  I'm excited to see what the Lord will do with this, because it is all for Him anyway!

So, little traveling around tomorrow ... then the big adventure ... all of this leads to the bigger adventure of the mission field.

Fiducia di Dio!  Trust God!

Until next time!

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