Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gutters of Life

Gutters of Life

Matthew 7:24-27 is the parable of the Wise and Foolish builder.  Your ‘house’ needs to be built on the firm foundation.  The rains come and beat on the house and if it is on a firm foundation it will remain.  Otherwise it won’t stay standing.

However, our houses today have taken an additional step in protection.

Gutters do an amazing job when they work correctly.  But they could cause lots of problems if they are in need of being repaired. 

Gutters on a house should be snuggly fit just under the roofline. The new kind are put in without seams to allow the water to move effortlessly.  They are designed to allow the rainwater that falls on a house to be collected and moved away from the house so water does not collect around the foundation. They should still periodically be cleaned out to remain free from debris. 

Old rusty gutters can develop a leak and actually cause the water to pool near the leak, creating more leaks.  That in turn can pull the gutter away from the house allowing for water to pool around the foundation.  It could lead to erosion, a leaky basement, or even worse, for our foundation to crumble.

When we put Jesus’ words into practice we’ll build our house on that firm foundation and are wise.  But issues fall on us and cover our lives.  We need to allow God to collect those issues and direct them away from our foundation.  We need to be sure to keep our gutters cleaned out.

If we are not in God’s Word we allow these issues to build up and leaks to develop.  They might not be too noticeable at first.  But as the leaks grow and then issues come down on us harder than before and seep through the holes and may eventually erode our foundation away.

Stay in the Word of God and keep an eye on the ‘gutters’ of your life.  Allow God to be able to redirect worldly issues away from your foundation in Him. 

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