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August’s Dot’s Dabbles - Extended version

Today’s blog is to share more details from August’s Dot’s Dabbles.

ANNOUNCEMENT – ORDINATION – I will be ordained (set apart) as a Christian missionary on Sunday, August 11, during the 9:15 service

- The first six months of my time in Italy will be in intensive language school.  This time will be away from the work in Verona.  It is important to have a good grasp of the language before being involved in the ministry.  After much research on current prices for good language schools and the housing for that time period, I have been allowed to lower the budget by $906 per month!  Praise God!  I now have commitments of 41.45% of the monthly budget.

WLCC Camp (3rd – 5th graders)
- I was the missionary for the OK Corral week at camp.  This western themed week was based on the Beatitudes.  The campers and staff learned of the spiritual need in Verona, Italy.  The offering doubled the goal the campers had set!

North American Christian Convention (Louisville)
- During this convention I was able to talk with many people about Team Expansion and my mission to Italy.  There were times to have contact with other Team Expansion missionaries, too.
- I also worked the Unleashed for the Unreached’s Wall.  Sharing with people there are 1,583 unreached people groups in the world that have over 100,000 people in their group.  Hundreds of people were encouraged to commit to pray for salvation for a people group.
- The theme of the week was Victorious and the main sessions were well done as the ministers preached through the book of Revelation.

BL Church Ladies’ group
I was able to share information about my mission to Verona, Italy.  New partners have joined with me for this mission.  So exciting to be able to share with a new group.

Verona Team’s - Day of Prayer for Italy
July 13th was divided into 15-minute increments.  People could chose one or more of these times and commit to pray during that time.  Thank you to all who joined us in praying for the mission to Italy that day.

I’ve enjoyed making and decorating cakes for friends for years.  However, the last several cakes I’ve decorated I’ve done for the mission.  If you have need of a cake before I leave, consider letting me do it for you with all the proceeds going to the mission.

Finally, after the flood in April I believe all the repairs are made and the painting is done.  Just the trim to be put up and the toilet reinstalled and the flood will be history.
I’ve had help sorting through my belongings and dividing them into four groups: 1- for my daughters (I think this is done), 2 - to take to Italy (not a big group), 3 – put in storage for when I return (memories), and 4 – things I no longer want, to sell in a garage sale or two.

Garage Sale
My garage sale was a fundraiser.  The next one (August 16-17) will again be a fundraiser.  All proceeds will be put into this mission.  My thought is if I can get some money for my things, it would be better than just donating it to another mission for them to sell.  I had (and will again have) my display set up and brochures available for anyone.  If you know anyone who likes garage sales, send them my way!  Please pray for good weather for those days so people will be out and about. 

I’ve had the chance to meet with several people to share more about my mission over mealtimes.  I’d love to meet with others this way, too! 

COC at Logansport
I was able to present the mission of Team Verona to the combined Sunday School classes here.  Since I was a part of this church for five years I feel a special closeness to them.  Many encouraged me.

LJCA – School of Missions
  While at the NACC this camp was brought to my attention and I was encouraged to attend and bring my display.  Since I had the week available, my plans were made.  I remembered when I was four years old I went to the School of Missions when my parents took our family to the camp.  I had good memories of that week.  LJCA was where I attended camp each year when I was a camper.  I hadn’t been there for many years.  I had forgotten about the School of Missions. 
  While at the School of Missions I shared in the sign language interpreting for the evening services.
 What I didn’t anticipate was so many people getting to know my mission and me so well.  During the evening service they have a missionary parade.  Each missionary went across the stage and was able to be in front of the rest of the group, spending a couple of minutes explaining their mission.
  Each morning there was a ‘Meet the Missionary’ time.  One day the interviewer asked if he could interview me the next day.  I was able to share with group more about the spiritual need in Italy.
  Reconnections are always great.  God provided another missionary in the same dorm.  I knew her name, but couldn’t place her at first.  We both were born in the same town, grew up in the same church. Her parents went on the mission field; her aunt and uncle went on the mission field, to Italy!
Italian learning
   In July, even with all the other things going on, I was still able to meet with my Italian language helper for more than 10 hours. During one session she met me at the door and said, ‘sempre italiano’ (only Italian).  For the next hour and 45 minutes we ONLY spoke in Italian!
   I’ve not had a lot of time this month for Rosetta Stone.  But, I am nearly halfway through Level 5.  I have a several apps that are for Italian learning.  I’ve have Hang Man and different flashcards.  But recently I heard about Duo Lingo.  It is an app that has helped me get the sentence structure correct.

Thanks for the prayers.

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